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Hello Todd,

Just wanted to thank you for all the great recipes. I forward them on to friends and my dog is quite happy that I try most of them! Thanks again and please keep me on your mailing list.


Hi Todd,

Thanks for your website, I look forward to your recipes each week. My husband, 2 cats and 2 dogs are living in Venezuela and I'm sorry to say this but, I really don't trust their pet food. The only choices we have is Dog Chow, dry and at times canned food and Friskies dry and Whiskas canned for the cats, all of which are made here in Latin America. So, I am greatful that I discovered you. Although, many of the ingredients I can not get down here, I sort through the ones that I can use and they are great! Thanks again! And keep 'em coming! We really appreciate it!

Pamela Patterson

Hi Todd,

My dog Razor loves your treats. Infact he enjoys when you send these recipes, so his mommy can make them. Thank-you so much for creating this site. You are a real asset to the dog lovers.

Razor's mom,

Hello Todd

Thanks for taking the time to send these emails to me as well as everyone on your list. I look foward to these recipes. My Bubba likes it too! I have compiled these recipes for my enjoyment as well as my neighbors. I live in a condo facility that is pet friendly. My neighbors also tell me these recipes you send are great. I appreciate all you do. You have made this little complex of neighbors become much more friendlier to one another. At one time it was all about who had the pet that was better groomed or who's pet cost the most. If their pet came from a champion line and so its all about the snack and recipes everyone enjoys! Thank you Todd, you've done a world of good to our little building complex.


Hi Todd...Yes, you most certainly may put my post up at your website! I am into homemade EVERYTHING for my dog now and have not actually pinpointed what her allergies are but apparently it is some ingredient in commercial foods, even the allergy formulas. (Not to mention that they were very expensive and that she hated most of them!) With your recipies I can use things I already have in my kitchen... Doesn't get much easier than that! To sum it all up, I'm spending a lot less money on things she actually likes and her health is improving by the day. I thank you and my dog thanks you!


Hi Todd,

On the behalf of Moses, Blu and Missy thank you very much for the recipes. I have tried a large # of them and my babies love them. Please keep up the good work and most of all thank you once again.


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